Valid technical support since 1980 for all companies

Since 1980, U.T.E. Progetti has set the goal of being a valid technical support for all companies that work in multiple industries, both in Italy and abroad.

U.T.E. Progetti can count on the qualified assistance a selected and consolidated team of 35 employees supported by a outsourced team of technicians with proven experience and the help of advanced hardware and software systems to provide highly qualified and full service to meet customer needs.

U.T.E. Progetti is specialised in the study, research, planning and construction of machines for highly qualified sectors such as the thermodynamic, petrochemical, water purification, boiler, piping, metalworking, large and medium carpentry, optic and mechanic optic laboratory measurement instruments, mechanical equipment, precision mechanics, automated assembly, packaging, road and rail transport and power loom sectors, etc.

U.T.E. Progetti is able to meet the purchaser's needs, accompanying and supplementing his in-house structure.

Where necessary, substituting them to fully or partially complete the project, design and technical production documentation, even creating the prototype, product industrialisation or its construction using coordinated and/or controlled structures.